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Claudia - President, Marketing Industry

Preparing for Your
New Employee

Before your new employee arrives

Create an agenda for your new employee’s first day on the job. Schedule
meet and greet times for your new hire to meet with key staff members. Verify
that a workstation is all set for your new employee. Stock his or her workstation
with the tools needed to hit the ground running. Verify that computer and phone logins
are set up and working Provide a phone list and company organization chart. Provide a new employee handbook.

Surviving from Day One

Remember that the first day of a new job can be overwhelming to even the most experienced professional. The better prepared you are to welcome the new hire on his or her first day, the easier this transition will be for everyone. Schedule yourself (or the person responsible) as unavailable for the first hour to orient the new employee. Remember to give a quick tour showing where the restrooms and water fountains are.

After Week One

We encourage communication thought out the assignment. Dynamic will schedule an informal review with your new employee after the first week so you can get their feedback as well.

Extending a Successful Assignment

When your new employee has transitioned into your employee, review the initial length of the assignment and decide how long to extend.