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Direct Hire Placement

These types of placement fill an internal, full time vacancy and / or
add an additional new role to current staff within organizations like yours.
The fee amount charged for this reflects all of the efforts and results
delivered by Dynamic.  These services include but are not limited to
position marketing, candidate recruiting, screening, testing, and providing
qualified candidates for you to select from.  Remember when you do it yourself
you are taking on all of the soft recruitment costs and you will spend valuable
work hours from other employees on your team.  When you outsource the lengthy recruitment process to Dynamic all you need to do is make time in your schedule to interview and select from a top tier group of applicants that are pre screened and ready
to go.  When you pay a full time placement fee it is generally to do a search for passive candidates that are not out there with their resumes floating around.

At Dynamic we strongly believe that recruitment is a true art, it takes time, flexibility, patience, communication/listening on both sides and the right eye to identify the cream of the crop.  It is not just jumping on job boards and fishing from the same pond where everyone else drops their line.  Each and every search that we accept is unique and different as is each of our customers/candidates and their needs.

With all of the expertise we have and as great as our customers say we do - we know that mis-hires can happen from time to time regardless of the intense screening and interviewing from our team to yours.  At Dynamic you never have to worry as our placement services are guaranteed and we will replace that employee for that same title within an agreed upon time frame in the event of a possible mis-hire.
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Working Interview / Temp to Hire

This position is filled with the intent to hire in to a full time position - The Working Interview Temp to Hire is a great way for you and the potential employee to have the opportunity to work side by side for a pre determined amount of time prior to making a full time hire commitment.  You have the chance to really evaluate if someone’s work style, skills aptitude, attendance habits and personality fit in to the culture of your business.  This process is when a full time placement fee for services is built right in to your hourly billing rate.  You can set up a buy out for services rendered upon a pre determined amount of hours worked or build the full fee right in to your weekly billing rate so there is no additional fee at the end of the pre determined amount of hours.

This is also a way for a company budget in a placement fee weekly vs paying a full fee up front for services.

Temporary Placement -– this type of placement is to fill a short term / long term internal vacancy.  More often than not this type of placement is done when there is a maternity, disability, vacation leave, or when there is a peak in business and you need to ramp quickly with staff that your business will not need as full time headcount.

We still do all of the pre screening and take on all of the employer costs so you do not have to.  However in this type of placement we anticipate using this person for other assignments therefore the direct hire fee is not built in to this hourly billing amount.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason with-in the first 8 hours of the assignment Dynamic will send you a replacement for the same job and same terms of employment and not you will not be charged for the 1st 8 hours the new employee works.
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Payroll Accommodation Program (Existing Clients)

From time to time we have customers that need to add staff that has been previously employed with their company of they have someone they would like to bring on however; do not have additional budget for headcount.  In this event Dynamic will handle their payroll, take on all of the employer state and federal costs along with maintaining Comprehensive General Liability (excluding auto) and Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability and send just one weekly invoice to you.  From time to time employer costs such as workers compensation, unemployment, state and federal taxes change these changes affect the over all cost of our payroll.  Once the over all cost is met will charge you 20% over and above our total cost and bundle that into one billing rate.

Employees that are paid through Dynamics payroll service are excluded from Dynamic’s temporary benefits (paid holidays and longevity bonus).  Accommodations for holidays are your responsibility and will be paid out should you decide to sign off on their time card.
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