I contacted Dynamic to discuss options and knew I could count on them to partner with me in the planning process even though we were not sure whether we had the budget to move forward... » 

Dan - General Manager, Telecommunications

In Between Assignments

Candidate Resources

Software Tutorials

At Dynamic, we use SkillCheck Professional for tutorials and testing on
today’s most popular software suites. Our hands-on learning environment
allows you to learn new programs and skills, step-by-step, at your own pace.

Support Services

To help employees achieve career objectives, Dynamic offers:

  • Current Market coaching
  • Interviewing Techniques – to help you be successful
  • Resume Preparation – will include homework
  • Skills Training and Testing

For continuing education, Dynamic suggests:

  • Contra Costa Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
  • Heald Business College – Concord, Hayward, Richmond, San Francisco
  • Mt. Diablo Adult Education - Loma Vista Adult Center
  • Local Public Library

Check out these businesses that always need volunteers…

  • Animal Rescue Foundation Tony La Russa’s ARF
  • STAND against Domestic Violence
  • March of Dimes
  • Muscular Dystrophy

There are hundreds find the one that sparks your interest &keep your skills sharp while helping your surrounding community at the same time!  Always looks good on your resume!