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Dynamic offers assistance to help you enhance your resume.

1st Priority:

Keep it simple and easy to read. You have about
6 – 8 seconds to interest your reader.

Resumes Today:

A chronological resume usually incorporates the following basic components:

  • Contact Information – Protect yourself: Do not include your address. Just include your name, phone number, and email
  • Highlighted Qualifications - this is the information that makes your skills & personality stand out above the rest *
  • Work History with dates of specific jobs, titles, and responsibilities
  • Education – High school information is not necessary unless you are a recent high school graduate

This is the most common resume format. The chronological resume is a traditional resume. This format includes a list of job titles and responsibilities. The list begins with your current or most recent employment and works backward to your first job. It is only necessary to go back 10 years.

Use the chronological resume format to demonstrate your growth in a single profession. This format is suitable for anyone with practical work experience with minimal job changes or prolonged periods of unemployment.

The chronological format is less suitable if you are just out of school or if you are changing careers. This format would draw attention to your lack of specific experience in a new field rather than focusing on the knowledge, skills, and strengths you bring with you into a new field.

*Highlights is the most important section of a resume.  Again, you have six to eight seconds to get a hiring manager to see what you can bring to their business that would benefit their team. Make them count! Filter out your most impressive and sellable qualifications and place them at the top of your resume. These must be specific and measurable. This is what you bring to the table. Showcase yourself. Don’t be shy - this might be your one chance!  Also do not feel you need to write your life story.  If you resume is more than 2 pages SHORTEN IT – Period.