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February 28, 2013 Resources

Coping with Change and Powerfully Dealing with Your Emptions…
so you can get back to work FASTER!

March 6th @ 12 pm PST

For most of us, change can be a frightening thing that can create stress, frustration,
lack of sleep, change in eating habits and even depression.  A change in our job status, relationship, financial condition, and/or health all can catch us by surprise.

Whether you are being affected by one or all of these conditions, you have got to make time to join us for this free webinar.  Everywhere you look these days, our world is showing signs that we are stressed-out.  We may feel we have no control over what changes tomorrow will bring, yet we don’t have to let the “change” define us.

We can learn how to embrace change in positive ways by raising our awareness and using empowering tools!  Let me show some “mental tools” you can use to WIN YOUR POWER BACK AND GET BACK TO WORK!

Resume Myths…Debunked!
MARCH 12 @ 8 am PST

In this webinar the most common resume myths will be discussed and debunked, and the truth about this important job seeking document will be identified.  The subject matter of this informative webinar speaks to job seekers young and old and will help you identify if your resume is getting the job done, or if it is missing the boat completely.

To gain access to these webinars and other valuable job seeker information, register online at http://www.hrsearchincsite.com/

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