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Top 8 Recruiting Trends for 2014

February 20, 2014 General

The human capital industry is going through an immense transformation.
Innovations are being introduced at an unprecedented pace dismantling the
old formulas. It’s an exciting time for the recruitment industry. Here are some
trends and predictions expected to drive the industry in the year 2014.

1. Recruiting Goes Mobile
Evolve or Extinct

Mobile platform is the fastest growing hiring tool for recruiters and job hunting tool for the applicants. There has been a phenomenal addition of mobile phone apps created for hunting as well as recruiting jobs. Getting your mobile site fully optimized is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. As a recruiter, you can’t afford to miss on that one!
Mobile recruiting is here to stay. Experts however believe that there’s still time before it becomes the mainstream recruiting platform.

2. Companies Will Adopt Data-Driven Approach to Recruitment
Numbers Don’t Lie

The Human Resource Department values psychometric testing, but relying solely on it to assess the employability of a candidate doesn’t provide a full picture. The need of the hour is to bring ‘numbers’ into picture and make smart use of statistics and predictive metrics to set a benchmark for the work expectations and individual performances.
The more focused a company is on data driven recruitment, the less vulnerable it becomes to a bad hire.  In the future, the success of a recruitment firm will depend on how well it manages to integrate data and technology.

3. Remote Operations Set for a Bigger Role
Here and Now

The distance between two corners of the world is continuously getting shorter, thanks to the robust network technology. More and more employers continue to embrace remote operations for their businesses.
In 2014, employers will be more-than-ready to offer remote work options to the applicants. Also, live video interviews are going to gain grounds as an efficient and effective means of assessment.

4. Social Media Becomes the New Recruiting Hub
But Handle it with Care

Leveraging social media for recruiting continues to be the focal point of the recruitment firms, primarily because social platforms increase referrals and decrease hiring turnaround time. As of now, LinkedIn is leading Facebook and Twitter fairly well as a recruitment platform.
The important point to note here is that Social Media works great when it comes to showcasing job openings and pulling the right talent in. But using the social media platform to screen applicants has become a subject of much debate not just in US but throughout the globe. Some jurisdictions have already passed rules that prohibit employers to dive into the personal profile of candidates.

5. Temporary Staffing Continues to Grow
Are you Catching Up?

Temporary staffing continues to register a constant growth. In 2014, US organizations plan to hire more temporary staff than ever. More than 1/2 of the companies are planning to increase the number of temporary staff. In contrast, only 1/3 rd of the companies are planning to increase the permanent staff. According to BLS, compared to Jan 2013, staffing firms employed approx. 9% more temporary workers in Jan 2014.

6. Employee or Independent Contractor
Classify it Right!

The government becomes more stringent on how an employer classifies its worker. If you classify one of your employee as a contractor, unknowingly or deliberately, you might have to incur fines and penalties. Apparently, worker classification can no more be treated as an over-the-coffee thing. The employers will have to take a systematic approach to make the right classification.

7. Niche Recruiting is the New Success Mantra
Step out of the Obvious!

Through the last decade, the concept of niche marketing swept conventional marketing off its feet. History is going to repeat itself, this time in the recruiting domain. The cost of a poor hire is rising every year. In such a scenario, it becomes only natural that companies will have to re-think the value of “traditional” modes of recruiting.
The conventional recruiting consists of sending out job posts in bulk and then waiting for the ‘perfect’ candidate. But let’s face the fact, sieving the right candidate through the recruitment funnel is anything but easy. It’s high time, employers start narrowing down the talent pool for targeting the right candidates.

8. Greater Emphasis on Work-Life Balance
All work and no play is out for good

Organizations have finally realized the importance of work-life balance and are becoming more workforce-oriented rather than work-oriented. Achieving targets has taken a backseat, it’s the passion and long-term commitment of the employee that matters more to employers now. Employers value skillful candidates more than ever and do not hesitate to offer them higher compensation, better benefits and most importantly, flexible work options.
Whether you are a recruiter looking for the right talent or a job seeker eyeing on the top spot, the smart thing to do this year is catch up on the trend, fast and smart; and design your strategy accordingly. 
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