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The Quest for Finding That Star Employee!

December 08, 2013 General

Most often hiring managers are more concerned about finding a perfect
employee on a piece of paper who matches the most with the job requirements.
However, reading a piece of paper says little about energy, professionalism and
desire which is so often what companies are really searching for - not skills alone.
A great hiring practice is to put more emphasis on finding a candidate that can work
well with the team, the business culture, adds value to the job and provides profitable inputs to the business.

If you are someone who relates to the above and is finding it difficult to cope up with the process of hiring, these steps below can help you simplify your plan and move forward in the right direction:

Strategize before you hire: Don’t rush into filling your positions but rather take time to develop a strategy about where the best recourses are, determine what the most important skills and personality traits are that your new employee must possess and do not waiver.  Learn from experts who have done it well.  Companies that have a proper hiring strategy for filling vacancies tend to have more successful results.

Spread your reach: Call a professional firm that has a team of specialists that recruit every day all day.  Recruiting is never easy and frankly, is a full time and challenging job! You want to make sure that the firms you work with have not only a very strong social network, recruiting resources but also a good group of professionals in their own networks to ensure you are getting more of the passive candidates that are not actively out there looking. Connecting the actual manual phone calling and connecting work with internet will make it much smoother and efficient.

Analyse the job scene: It is very important to research the current job scene whenever you plan to hire. The job market research will give you the latest trends related to compensation, talent pool, demand and more.  Or simply ask an expert at Dynamic to do it for you - we have current up to the moment information on this that will help you.

Train them for success: A proper training session for the hired candidates will help them to know the business work process inside the company. Employees will feel much more comfortable working in the company when they are fully aware about the visions and goals which in return bring mutual employment success.

Your initial preparation and planning will not only help you hire a good employee but the one most approximately suited one for the job. It is not about putting butts in seats because you are under the gun - but about building assets with right people.  If this is helpful we’d love to hear - if you would like more information please let us know!

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