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Smart Ways to MOTIVATE Employees

May 13, 2014 General

Martin joined Cognito Corporation, a software development firm based in
Pennsylvania, US. In a short tenure, he proved himself to be a valuable asset to
the organization. But he never got any word of appreciation from his employers.
After a year, Martin was given a handsome appraisal but he decided to leave the organization anyway.

Martin’s story suggests that great job packages don’t ensure happy employees. There’s more to satisfied employees than mere big paychecks. Great workplaces know it well
and that’s why they focus on holistic approach rather than just caring about financial gains from the employees. Here are a few smart ways that most admired companies adopt to MOTIVATE their employees.

Money Matters – Money might not be the only motivating factor. But it is by far the most important single motivational factor that drives the employees to be more productive at workplace. Many surveys suggest that almost 25% of the workforce is solely driven by money while for the rest 75%, other factors are more important. Paying your employees fairly is the best way to tell them how much they matter to the organization.

Optimistic Environment – Your employees spend a huge chunk of their day at the workplace. The workplace needs to radiate positive vibes.  There should be ample moving space, right temperature, pleasant ambience, proper lightning, refreshments and most importantly a joyful work culture.

Trust Them –Trusting is a mutual process. Until you start trusting your employees, your employees would not trust you. When you involve your employees in the decision-making, they’ll go to any measure to prove you can count on them. Moreover, making them accountable will instill a sense of responsibility in them towards their work.

Inform Them – Keep them updated about the latest happenings. Communicate effectively, circulate memos and newsletters, arrange regular meetings and start an employee intranet website if you haven’t done it yet. This will make sure that their professional goals and interests are in sync with the company’s goals.
Eventually, the more informed they are, the more engaged they would be in in planning and decision-making.

Value Humor at Workplace – Michael Kerr, president of Humor at Work, suggests than humor is a key to success at work. As an employer, you have to understand that you are dealing with humans not some mechanical resources. Getting obsessed with productivity will get you nowhere. You need to give space to your workforce and let them be free. Adding a little element of fun at work never hurts anybody. It will only boost their morale and increase the overall productivity.

Appreciate Them - If an employee has gone out of way to help the organization achieve its goals, he/she expects to be appreciated for his/her efforts. A little appreciation can go a long way to raise the pride of workmanship. Praise and recognition are tools that always work to keep the employees involved and motivated. It’s okay if you cannot think of a creative way to say thank you to your employee. Something as basic as an appreciation e-mail or card works well to boost the employee’s morale.

Train Them - When you invest in your employees by helping them add skills to their portfolio, they get motivated to give a bigger return by adding more value to the organization. The best kind of success is wherein the company succeeds by helping their employees to succeed.

Exemplify Outstanding Employees – While appreciating is something that is done on a one-on-one basis, exemplifying the achievements of an employee to others is something that is done publicly to promote a healthy competition. Initiatives like awarding ‘employee of the month’, creates a competitive environment and makes the individuals and teams more productive.

“Motivated employees” is one thing that is common to all the successful organizations. A major fraction of HR professionals with experiences greater than 25 years have found that by raising motivation levels, the retention rate increases significantly. Following these simple tips can go a long way to make your employees excited and look forward to coming to work every day!

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