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February 07, 2013 Resources

Job Seeking in the Digital Age:  How to Ensure your Resume
Gets Results—Online and Offline

February 12th @ 8:00 am PST
This month’s job seeker webinar focuses on how the job seeking market has
evolved as technology has expanded.  The webinar will focus on resume do’s and
don’ts while also outlining ways to make sure you are employing best practices in
online and offline settings when landing interviews and making an impression on hiring managers.

Timing is Everything in a Job Search
February 18th @ 9:00 am PST
Timing is critical in a Job Search.  During this session we will discuss the following:

How time kills deals

The importance of re-contacting hiring authorities

How to take advantage of proper timing

To gain access to these webinars and other valuable job seeker information, register online at http://www.hrsearchincsite.com/

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