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Make Tax Season Less Taxing!

January 09, 2013 General

As we race into 2013, the time is now to start planning for the extra work,
longer hours and tighter deadlines that make tax season so taxing. It may
seem early to be discussing year-end tax planning, but uncertainty over recent
tax cuts, incentives for businesses, and much more, requires proactive strategizing.

Staffing Up is Smart Business
Tax season is challenging and often stressful, but smart businesses can find safety in numbers. By staffing up with temporary employees, businesses can hire professionals with the exact skills they need for the exact time period they need them.

Human capital is the most important part of tax season. At Dynamic, we deliver people who are more than number-crunchers – they’re problem-solvers.

Did you know?
Tax time employees in high demand!
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects accountant and auditor employment growth of 22 percent between 2008 and 2018, adding 279,400 more positions to the 1.29 million already-existing jobs. In fact, U.S. News and World Reports named accounting as one of the best careers for 2011 because of that demand.

Along with that demand comes fierce competition for Dynamic’s top talent, so it’s important that staffing decisions are made well in advance of tax season to ensure that your company receives the best and brightest talent.

Appreciate the Value of Human Capital
Dynamic specializes in providing a complete resource to meet your tax season needs in a wide range of positions, including:
• Account Support
• Auditor
• Bookkeeper
• Budget Analyst
• Chief Financial Officer
• Controller
• Cost Accountant
• Credit Professional
• Financial Analyst
• Payable and Receivable Specialist
• Payroll Manager
• Staff and Senior Accountant
• Tax Accountant
• Treasurer

Get Proactive & Achieve Results
Supplemental staff can make or break a company during tax season. Make tax time planning a top priority and partner with Dynamic today!

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