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In Staffing the Bottom Line Isn’t Just $$ - It’s People!

March 11, 2013 Hiring & Recruiting

Do you know the power of the impression you leave? We do…

This crazy world of staffing is not just about application-to-hire times, retention
rates and bottom lines. It’s about the impression you leave on people, every day.

When I started Dynamic, of course I wanted to have a successful business, and in
doing that I also wanted everyone to have what we call a Dynamic experience every
time they called, came into the office or did business with us. Now, nearly 20 years in the staffing industry, I’m blessed to be reminded of this every day.

A few weeks back I was phoned by someone who called to check-in with me. We chatted about his mom, Carolyn, who had referred him to us almost 16 years prior, well before he was on his career path. Carolyn was a classy, smart, and incredibly dynamic woman who approached each assignment with an amazing attitude, and consistently provided incredible service that made a lasting impression where ever she went. This woman was kind beyond words and definitely walked with positive purpose in her life.

Her son called simply to tell me how much his mom loved me and working with Dynamic and to say thank you. Carolyn passed away a few years back, far too soon to leave this earth, but not before making an imprint on our team and our hearts.

After talking with her son, I felt compelled to share this short story. It’s not every day that you have the honor of working with someone that was so inspired by her experience that it lives on to be shared well after she is gone. It is conversations like this that remind me of what’s most important, simply stated - the people.

We are grateful for people like Carolyn and her son, and that he took time to share this story!

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