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How to Prepare for a Summer Internship Interview?

June 19, 2014 General

A Summer Internship is a great way to get hands-on experience into the
industry of your choice. An internship can help you gain practical insights into the ins-and-outs of an industry or particular job. The internship can be crucial in
helping you make the decision regarding whether or not your career pursuits are in
sync with a particular industry. Moreover, summer internships add value to your professional portfolio. However, the real question is, how do you ace the interview?

Congratulations if you have already landed an interview from a reputed employer. Even if you haven’t, do not be disheartened. Keep trying- the summer internship season has just started.

It’s natural to get nervous and excited about your internship interview. For many of you, it will be your first interview. If you are wondering what to expect and how to prepare for the interview, you have come to the right place. Having interviewed and trained interns, we can give you valuable tips on how to best prepare for the upcoming interview. 

1.  Get Geared Up

First and foremost, look your best while going for an internship interview. First impressions are often lasting impressions. Look your best, wear formal business attire, have a smiling face and be sure to give a firm handshake to the interviewer. And remember, it’s not just your attire but the overall attitude that sets an impression upon the interviewer. 

2.  Get into the Details

It’s always good to know what you are getting yourself into. Before your interview, do extensive research on the industry, the company and the products and services it offers. Study the job description meticulously and decide how well you might fit into the job title.

3.  Be Prepared

Being proactive pays great dividends in the corporate world. If someone you know landed an internship interview last year in the company you are aiming at, consult him or her. Ask them what questions are asked of the intern candidates. Ideally, you should make a list of the likely and unlikely questions and prepare your answers accordingly. This way, you will be able to shift the focus from ‘what to answer’ to ‘how to answer’. When you are prepared beforehand, you will be able to deliver your answers with more confidence. Here are some of the commonly asked questions in an internship interview:

1. Tell me a little about yourself.
2. What do you know about the company?
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
4. What are you most proud of?
5. Why are you interested in this industry/position?
6. Why do you want to do your internship here?

While answering questions, you should be mindful to explain not just how the company will help you accomplish your career goals but also how you can contribute to help the company. Remember, the key to make a good impression on the interviewer is to handle the questions smartly while staying poised under pressure.

4.  Throw Counter Questions

Usually, the interviewer signs off after asking the candidate “Do you have any question for us?” This is an important part of the interview. Make sure to put forth a counter question. Asking questions at this point will show your level of interest for the position being offered. Here are some questions you might ask the interviewer:

1. What will a typical day be like at the work?
2. What according to you is the most challenging aspect of this role?
3. What training am I going to receive here? What kind of office culture do you follow?
4. Is there any possibility of being permanently hired in the future?
5. Which exact department I will be working in?

5.  Follow-Up

Once you are interviewed, you should send a thank you note to the interviewer for this opportunity. If you do not hear from the interviewer within a week, do not hesitate to call them and make an inquiry whether you are still being considered for the position. Not only it looks professional but is also a great way to show your enthusiasm for the role. 

The Takeaway

Being an intern, it’s obvious that you don’t have much experience interviewing. The good news is that your prospective employer realizes it too. An intern might not be rich in skill or experience but nevertheless cost-effective and flexible with training. Also, the employer assesses your employability on the basis of attitude rather than skills or experience. So in an internship interview, the challenge is to show to the interviewer that you are a smart, self-motivated individual with a positive, go-forward attitude.

By keeping the above points in mind, you can cut through the competition, set the right impression and bag that dream internship.

Wish you luck for your interview!


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