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May 01, 2013 General

Bidwell students given workforce tips and career info


Julie Cullimore is a fan of introducing students to real-work info.

And, that’s exactly what’s taken place in her classroom at Bidwell High.

Earlier this spring, employees from Liver-more’s Comcast visited the Gary Avenue campus to enhance the school’s Opportunity program.

“They are totally prep-ping the students for the workforce and college,” Cullimore said. She said it’s a perfect fit since the Common Core Standard she’s teaching is college and career.

“Students need to hear from real employers who hire a lot of people, so that they are crystal clear on what the expectations in the workforce will be.”

Comcast, big on community service, approached Cullimore with the idea.

The first visit featured two hiring managers, along with a rep from Dynamic Office and Accounting Solutions (Danville). They talked about brands, Linkedin.org, Facebook, logos, job experience and “about putting their best brand out to the public and getting the best job available,” and left reading materials, resume samples, flashlights and pens.

Cullimore said they also prepped them for the follow-up visit when five managers met students individually, discussed job experience and con-ducted a mock interview with each one, giving them suggestions along the way.

The day also featured how to greet potential employers, Q&As and flash drives loaded with job tips.

Students were dressed in their best interview clothing, and “really loved the experience,” said Cullimore, adding that Comcast will make a return visit.

Cullimore’s Opportunity program features 13 high students in grades 9-11.

“These leaders in the community gave my students more than just hope, but a real plan of how to attain their goals and how to get a real job. I loved this experience and will continue to foster community relationships for my students.”

For more info or how to help, call 925-776-5587.

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