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Are Your Trendy Piercings and Tattoos Keeping You           Unemployed?

August 08, 2015 General

Perhaps you have a beautiful angel inked on your shoulder, an Italian flag on your tricep, or an inspirational word or quote scrolling up your forearm.  Maybe you decided to pierce your lip, nose, or eyebrow.  To you, these tattoos and piercings allow you to express your uniqueness, to show the world an expression of art or individuality.  Beauty carved on your flesh.  A deep meaning that only you are aware.  An identity.  A reminder.  A silent message to the world.  But to hiring managers, they can be a metaphorical red flag-a reason to pass you up for a position based solely on your visible tattoo or piercing.  These “works of art” are your ticket to remain unemployed, regardless of your stellar resume, superior scores on tests, skills, personality, or interviewing prowess.  Simply put, your ink and piercings could be making it that much more difficult for you to hear the words, “You got the job!”

We know-it’s not fair.  People shouldn’t judge you based upon your looks, but they do.  And while 40% of people between the ages of 18-29 have at least one or more tattoos, these images may be the very reason that you do not get a job.

Great.  I already have tattoos and piercings, am I doomed to be unemployed forever?

No, you are definitely not unemployable if you have chosen to get inked or pierced.  But if you want to improve your chances of getting hired, consider the following:

• If possible, remove the piercings and cover up the tattoos during the interview and during the first few weeks of the job.  When people have had a chance to get to know you and judge you based upon your performance, ability, and personality, then feel free to express your individual freedom by making your tattoos and piercings visible.  Just make sure it is within your company’s policy to have visible piercings and tattoos so you remain compliant.
• Consider seeking out jobs that allow tattoos or piercings or that simply do not have a strict policy on them.  Chances are you will be happier pursuing a career choice where you will be free to show your tattoos and piercings instead of having to hide them.  You got the tattoo or piercing for a reason and most likely want to show them off.  Do not inhibit yourself if you can find a job that makes you equally happy.
• Be open and honest with your colleagues and feel them out to see if they mind having your tattoos and piercings visible.  But keep in mind, while your colleagues may not mind, your customers might.  Make sure your personal choices do not interfere with the business.

Don’t have a tattoo or piercing yet but are thinking of one?  Consider these statistics before you get inked or pierced.

• Individuals between the ages of 18-25 are the most accepting of tattoos.  The older the person, the less likely he or she is to accept a person with a tattoo or piercing.  (salary.com)
• The more educated a person is, the less likely he or she is to accept a piercing or tattoo. (salary.com)
• 37% of hiring managers report that individuals whose physical attributes include a tattoo are less likely to advance in their career (CareerBuilder.com)
• Candidates are influenced by a company’s stance on the acceptability of tattoos and piercings, and may base their decision on whether or not to accept the job based upon the company’s policies (salary.com)

Looking at the Big, Inked Picture

Whether or not you choose to tattoo or pierce your body is your decision.  You do need to be aware that companies and hiring managers sometimes base their decisions about offering you a job or not based simply or your tattoos or piercings.  Choose a company culture very carefully when you are looking for a job, but especially if you have attributes that may not be the norm in a culture.  Some industries accept and even encourage individual freedom and expression, but some businesses frown upon the appearance of visible tattoos and piercings.  You work for the company, so while you may not agree with their policy, you must adhere to it if you want that job.  Every person has his or her own view of what is acceptable or not.  Regardless, someone you are interviewing may like tattoos or piercings or even have some of their own. But if the company culture strictly prohibits ink or piercings, you need to think through things carefully.

If your personal choices are going to limit your job opportunities, consider removing the tattoos and piercings, covering them up, or looking for other opportunities.  Just examine the culture and adjust your decisions accordingly.

We know you have come across this quandary when applying for a job, and we want to hear about it!  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) us a summary of your experiences looking for a job if you have a tattoo or a piercing.

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