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7 Essentials For Coming Out With Flying Colors From   A Job Loss!

January 05, 2014 General

So, you have been sweating out in that company for long and when the time
comes to stand by your side what you got to hear from your HR was
“We need to talk!” Well, that is one phrase that we all are afraid of, be it with
anyone,but the point here is that are you on your feet again because the company
you worked with hired someone to replace you and is “back on track”. Finding a new
job may take sometime but meanwhile you need to get out of this phase and stand up
on your feet for this circumstance should never let you down in anyway.

There are two ways to cope up with this job loss:
1.  Take it hard on yourself and drown in emotions, trauma and what not!
2.  Or you walk like nothing happened and pull your reins back in place (the better one)
If you are going with the first option, then go ahead, bookmark this link and do whatever you want to do and come back after few months to this post again and read ahead.
OR if you are planning for the second option (good choice), which is why you are here, then here are 7 essentials that will help you to unwind, recover and come back with a bang in your career life.

1.    Live the present. Think about the Future:
Just thinking about what happened in the past and then what could have happened if this has happened is not something you want to do. The only thing that you will achieve through this is anger, self-pity, burst of emotions and tons of negative vibes. You need to understand that what you will focus on now will land you up with a job so get up, set up and make a plan.
i.    Evaluate your assets and make a list of your strong and weak points                                    
ii.    Find out a job (contact your resources, look in ads or contact a staffing firm) that you think will do justice to your talent and not just a high pay package
iii.    Go ahead and start preparing for the interview and believe in yourself that you will do the best and no less.

2.  You are not just defined by your JOB!
Think of your job as one part, although a major part, of your life. But remember it is not your entire life and don’t treat it that way. A lot of researches prove that most of the successful people have one thing in common – They have emerged and build themselves after major setbacks in life. Interpreting the loss of job as your failure will only drag you to more failure and depression. You don’t have to make your company’s decision as an unfortunate circumstance but rather an opportunity to explore more, rebuild and re-evaluate yourself.

3.  Mental & Physical balance is important:
Isn’t it easy to tempt yourself with some chips, beer and a couch where you can stay all day long, think that you failed badly and this is the end? Success has never fallen for someone who knocks once but for those who keep going until it opens the door. Maintain your mental and emotional resilience along with physical too because it will help you to sail through this phase smoothly. Keep the negative emotions at bay and involve with different activities at home, in your surroundings, have a fun time with the family and laugh a lot!

4.  Positive energy:
It is better to be surrounded by people who have gone through a similar phase in life and have come out strong with new attitude to create a successful career path in life. They are your idols! Be sensitive about your choice of people that you want to hang out with and not with a bunch of people gearing up for marathon pity party. Try and bring up more positive energy around yourself because such circumstances are not chosen by us but we can take them as a lesson and learn through them. Keep mingling, read inspiring books and watch funny movies till the time you get back on your job. Make it a fun break!

5. An act of kindness!
You want to feel good..you know you do! The easiest way to do that is to be good to others, be a little kind and extend your helping hands to others. Happiness is contagious. Showing some act of kindness will activate “feel good” chemicals inside your body and passing this time of your life will be a like a breeze. It is a way to show yourself and others that this is more of a challenge than a setback and you have a life and you have that zeal to keep going no matter what happens on the way!

6.  Remind your resources:
The key to landing a successful job is tap into your resources, spread your wings and be a people’s person. Step out, browse through and find right and resourceful people to connect with. A majority of good jobs don’t get published on the internet and this is the point where your network will be of great help. You never know when “that much awaited break” may step in.

7.  Make it a daily job:
Finding a job should be a job. Schedule your days and make it a habit to plan ahead so that you know your tasks for the day. Among all those tasks, keep job search like a daily routine because shouting Job! Job! Job! Job! all day will only make you crazy and you don’t want to be that. You have more time than you were having before so plan carefully and make the most of it.
You want that too..isn’t it?

Keep your market value ever growing by putting a plan in place that will keep on adding to your abilities and knowledge pool. As the famous Chinese proverb says, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” So keep your calm, be at your best and take the world by storm!

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