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6 Types of Employees You Should Hire

April 28, 2014 General

Undoubtedly employees are the biggest assets of an organization. The
average cost of hiring a regular employee in United States, including both
direct and indirect costs, continues to climb. But these costs are nothing
compared to the hidden cost of a bad hire. Consequentially, it has become as
important to hire the right people as not to hire the wrong ones. But how do you
separate a good hire from a bad one? Well, one way is to be proactive and look for
certain personality traits right at the time of recruiting a new employee. In this
competitive age, it’s not just skills but also attitude and cultural fit that decide how valuable an employee is to an organization.

Hiring Managers are becoming more conscious than ever to look for certain types of people to build their team. According to hiring experts, the ideal six employee types that you should hire are as follows -

1. The Innovator

Almost everyone agrees on the value of Innovators to an organization. They are the type of employees that all companies keep looking for, all the time. They are gifted with creativity and latent thinking skills, and can offer a unique and unconditioned perspective on the task at hand. In this dynamic age, the key to survive and stay ahead is not to follow but drive the change and no one drives it better than the innovators. Although to bring them on board does require strategic action planning and convincing by the management.

2. Problem Solver

Workplace conflicts and everyday problems are as natural as work itself. A business can’t succeed without facing problems and finding creative solutions around them. It is management’s task to hire people who can be logical and skilful in resolving issues. Problem solvers are the perfect fit for these roles. Generally unbiased and neutral, these employees analyse the roots of a problem and weed out the conflicts, bringing positivity and harmony to the work environment.

3. The Optimist

Positive attitude, self-motivation and pleasant personality can be the driving force for any business. Employees who bring these attributes exude and radiate positive energy creating an inspiring work environment. These kinds keep up the morale of the team even at the lows, when plans go out of the place and the sales figures tumble.

4. The Leader

There’s no denying that companies need talented people to thrive and excel in their business but more importantly, how to tap into their strength and make the best use of their talents. More often than not, leaders are successful individuals who continuously drive and motivate their co-workers to succeed as well. The leadership skills are different from the management skills and the individuals who show leadership qualities such as motivating people and driving innovation are undoubtedly bigger asset to any organization.

5. The Planned One

The planned employees are religious about delivering the projects as per deadline. The word ‘procrastination’ does not exist in their dictionary. They meticulously plan things ahead and seldom come late to the office. They live up to their word, earning trust and reputation among their seniors and respect among their subordinates. They might not be masters at what they do but they surely get it done timely and efficiently.

6. Yes Man

You might recall protagonist of the much acclaimed Jim Carrey starrer “Yes Man”? One fine day, he decides to say ‘Yes’ to everything that comes his way and that positive attitude changed his life for better. These employees act just like that protagonist. Stephen R.Covey, the author of the much acclaimed book, 7 habits of highly effective people, proposes that there are two criterions of measuring the value of an employee at workplace, his ability to accomplish the assigned tasks and his willingness to do so. ‘Yes Man’ types of employees are always willing to take the challenges head on!

You may realize that it’s virtually impossible to get all these traits in one individual but it’s important to have a workforce consisting of individuals with different mind set-ups and make them work together towards achieving common goals. Having these six employee types at the workplace will create the ideal win-win scenario for any organization.

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