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16 Years Of Incredible & Dynamic Growth

December 15, 2013 General

Hi All,

As many of you know, I started this company with just one office, a very
mobile one – my car.  16-years later, some serious highs, and tear-jerking lows,
I am proud to say that we are still here, we are smarter than we once were, and more Dynamic than ever!  I’m grateful now that when I use a car for business, it’s only by choice.  I can also say that anyone who tells you that “Business is just business -
it’s not personal,” isn’t in staffing.  All business is personal when you pride yourself on integrity and performance!
As I look back on the past 16 years, I have had two beautiful children who grow as fast as I blink, opened offices, closed offices, survived large clients going out of business, had major surgeries at very inopportune times.  I have overcome failures that showed me what I was made of in times when I doubted my own abilities, had people show kindness and loyalty I would never have imagined, witnessed teammates get married, have children, get degrees, create their own personal milestones - whew that was a lot!!  It is such a fabulous reminder of how dynamic life really is. It is also a reminder of why I chose the name Dynamic.

The word ‘dynamic’ perfectly describes people, life, parenting, and business - ever changing, adapting, enthusiastic, and progressive. That is exactly what I wanted this business and our team known for in 1997 and still do today. I believe that exact word describes what has given us staying power though so many changing economic times.  Our name is our statement and we are committed to delivering “a Dynamic experience” to each person we connect with!
So many unforgettable and sometimes unbelievable experiences over these last 16 years – I have had amazing champions, mentors, customers and many - now, friends that have come by way of this business! I am truly grateful for every day that my team and I have the opportunity to help grow businesses and change people’s lives! I love this career – my team and you, our customers!
Thank you for an incredible 16 years!

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