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Stop the ‘Brain Drain’! How Successful Companies do it?

September 11, 2014 Dynamic User

The ‘brain’ drains the moment it realizes it doesn’t belong. So the foremost need for any company is to create an environment that produces a sense of belonging.

Human Resources

7 Things Great Bosses Say

April 18, 2013 Dynamic User

Little Words. Big Difference.
Whether you’re the big boss or the newest recruit, your words have tremendous power. The words you choose and how you say them can brighten an employee’s day, foster creativity and innovation, and make your team feel supported, respected and valued.

Human Resources

Flushing out the “Toxics”

March 21, 2013 Dynamic User

The “toxic” employee works at many businesses, big or small, and often destroys the company spirit for years on end.

Human Resources