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Our Dynamic Team

  • Kelly Silkitis,
    Payroll & IT Support Specialist
  • Caity Kimball,
    Director of HR & Administration
  • Pam Valente,
    Partnership Development

  • Tiffany Stuart

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    Tiffany is the fearless leader, founder, and President of Dynamic. She has more than twenty-seven years of experience in the staffing industry and is no stranger to hard work and finding creative solutions. She spent the past two decades building Dynamic from the ground up, starting with little capital, a bit of fear, and a leap of faith! She had some outstanding long-term clients who believed in her, an incredible amount of determination, and reputation for not taking no for an answer.

    Tiffany strives to make what might seem impossible possible. The success of Dynamic is proof of that. In a world where women are a still a rarity as head of a thriving business, both the company and Tiffany herself have been awarded for success over and over again. Her experience in recruiting, business development, operations, public speaking, counseling, and coaching are essential to the success of Dynamic. An expert in staffing, she is an asset for both clients and candidates and an incredibly dynamic person that you want on your side in a crisis.

    In addition to running a successful staffing agency, she’s a single mom of two who enjoys warm weather activities, whether that’s heading to the beach or the golf course. She’s passionate about giving back to the community and has consistently been involved with non-profits that pull at her heartstrings, including the Have a Ball Foundation, Tony LaRussa Animal Rescue Foundation, and A Brighter Day Foundation. She firmly believes that giving back is not only the right thing to do, it’s an essential part of a successful life. She values accountability, communication, resilience, and hustle — all qualities that have gotten her to where she is today — and strives to teach these qualities to her children and embody them for her team.

    She’s served on the board for many organizations in the past, including Junior Achievement, Wardrobe for Opportunity, Executive Board for the Summit Foundation for Financial Literacy, and Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment. She’s currently on the board for WICT (Women in Cable and Telecommunications) and is a member of Provisors.

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    Brett vonKrakau,CAC

    Senior Talent Acquisition Branch Manager
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    If you’ve worked with Dynamic, you know who Brett is. He’s been with us since nearly the beginning. As a Senior Manager, he has done everything from staffing small projects to opening offices alongside our president in other markets. He has an uncanny ability to find the right people for the right jobs, help people understand where they best fit, what their skills are, and where they can do the most good.

    He has a relentless desire to make sure his customers get the quality and attention they are looking for. Sometimes that comes across as a little intense, but only because he takes presenting the right person for the right position so seriously. His goal is making sure people are prepared on both ends to drive the most successful outcomes for everyone involved. He’s consistent, diligent, and has an amazing sense of humor once you get to know him. When he’s not finding the best talent Dynamic has to offer, he’s hanging out with family, training, or reading.

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    Kelly Silkitis

    Payroll & IT Support Specialist

    Kelly is our brilliant Berkeley grad, gifted at math and adaptable to any situation. She’s crazy smart and determined, yet always approachable, bringing IT to the those of us who simply don’t get it. We initially hired Kelly for her aptitude for numbers and incredible personality, but when we learned about her natural talent for IT, we knew we needed her skills there, too. Kelly is the go-to person for technical difficulties for our internal team, clients, and employees. She’s our cloud expert, and if you bring her a question she doesn’t know the answer to, you can bet that she’ll find out.

    In addition to making sure everyone gets paid on time, she’s constantly brimming with ideas on how to make life easier for both our employees and clients, and quickly turns those ideas into a dynamic reality. She’s like a heat seeking missile finding new painless and convenient ways of doing things that are always both user friendly and easy to understand. Kelly is a team player. She even stepped up to be Santa when ours was a no-show! She loves swimming, glamping, and spending time with her “god-dog” — a Blue Heeler Australian Cattle dog named Sky.

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    Caity Kimball

    Human Resources & Finance

    Caity is a strong HR business partner, which all companies need. Her background in banking and her innate talent for human resources is the perfect mix for Dynamic. She’s a committed individual who not only does her job well, but also has the kind of qualities we all admire. Third time’s a charm with Caity, as she initially joined us back in 2007 for three years, came back in 2012 for two, and loved us so much she came back again in the spring of 2017.

    She is someone who is always learning, doing, and applying what she’s learned to help others. A caring, thoughtful and strong individual, she’s a people person who relates easily to others and is skilled at getting to the bones of a problem, no matter how complex. She used to playe co-ed soccer competitively (a trait she brings with her to Dynamic!) and is now married with a family of her own. She loves nothing better than spending quality time with her three kids. When she’s not working with Dynamic, she’s coaching her daughters in both basketball and soccer.

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    Pam Valente

    Customer Support
    E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Pam brings with her more than twenty-seven years of experience in the staffing industry and has been a part of our Dynamic team on-and-off since 2000 — more on than off, though! She was initially hired as director of business development, and since then has held multiple roles with us, offering support wherever she is most needed. Pam now works part-time supporting our internal team and clients, making sure candidates have a positive experience and quickly routing calls to the right people.

    You could call Pam our director of first impressions because she’s typically the first person our clients and candidates interact with. She brings a level of dedication and support to the company that we rely on. She’s funny, friendly, responsible, and committed — everything you’d want in customer support. When she’s not with us at Dynamic, she’s hanging out with her husband, beautiful daughters, and grandchildren.

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    Jeannine Haney

    Jeannine has been recruiting for over 10 years, her specialty is understanding what clients are looking for and matching those requirements to the candidate’s skill set and experiences.  Jeannine brings over 20 years of leadership experience in the telecom and technology sector. She rose through the ranks to the position of Regional Executive Vice President of Centurylink, overseeing the Western US, with over 300 employees.

    Jeannine is a Rockstar from afar! Supporting from Nashville she manages to remain very approachable, realistic and an excellent problem solver. She equates recruiting to putting pieces of a very difficult puzzle together, and she always ensures that puzzle is complete every time! With a nationwide network she is able to recruit talent from various sectors.  She prides herself with less than 1% churn of placements and committed to making each placement a long term win-win for both candidate and client.

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