As long as I have known Tiffany, she has consistently been involved in charities, stepping up to the challenge, not only herself but with her company... » 

David Casper - NFL Hall of Famer, Tight End


A household name, decades of history, or a large talent database
does not guarantee a successful staffing solution. At Dynamic, our
performance speaks for itself. Below we've included a collection of
testimonials from our clients and candidates.

If curious, simply ask for the names of some of our clients and feel free to
make calls on your own. We are positive that what you learn about us can
save you time, energy and frustration.

I truly appreciate your ongoing communication and follow through. I have been nothing short of impressed by Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions since our very first meeting.

HR Area Manager, Retail

Thank you for placing GREAT candidates and your partnership!

Program Manager, Financial Services

I volunteered to write this recommendation for Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions. I have worked very closely with Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions for more than 10 years. My experience has been exceptional and we have developed a good working relationship. The Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions team possess the ultimate "can do" attitude. Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions has a great group of talented staff working hard to coordinate and complete orders in a professional and timely manner. They have the ability to listen and pay attention to my needs. When providing me with resumes, candidates and organizing interviews they are flexible, attentive and patient in coordinating with upper management. Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions has also secured employment for me, my family, friends and colleagues. I could always count on the company to provide us with the best opportunities. Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions takes initiative to go beyond the expected parameters and provided me with individuals that posses' professionalism, confidence, and dependable. I look forward and will continue to work with Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions.

Senior Manager, Marketing Industry

I have worked with Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions for over 15 years. The professional care and handling of their employees as well as their clients is truly amazing. I have worked for many of the Bay Area Temporary Agencies through the years and have stuck with Dynamic. Even though when I myself was finally placed for perm, I call for their help. They have placed many of my friends and associates with jobs, some of which have become permanent. The University of California, which hired Dynamic is also pleased with my placement.

Administrator, Education

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