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Smart Ways to MOTIVATE Employees

May 13, 2014 Dynamic User

Martin joined Cognito Corporation, a software development firm based in Pennsylvania, US. In a short tenure, he proved himself to be a valuable asset to the organization. But he never got any word of appreciation from his employers. After a year, Martin was given a handsome appraisal but he decided to leave the organization anyway.
Martin’s story suggests that great job packages don’t ensure happy employees. There’s more to satisfied employees than mere big paychecks. Great workplaces know it well and that’s why they focus on holistic approach rather than just caring about financial gains from the employees. Here are a few smart ways that most admired companies adopt to MOTIVATE their employees.


Smart Ways to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers

May 04, 2014 Dynamic User

The ideal way is to hear them out and address the disputing points while keeping emotions out of the equation. If you act strategically, you can deal with such co-workers timely and effectively. Before you approach your co-worker, you might want to understand what kind he is. Your approach will differ depending upon the individual and their attributes that bug you. Take a quick look at some common types of troubling workers and best strategies to deal with them.


6 Types of Employees You Should Hire

April 28, 2014 Dynamic User

Undoubtedly employees are the biggest assets of an organization. The average cost of hiring a regular employee in United States, including both direct and indirect costs, continues to climb. But these costs are nothing compared to the hidden cost of a bad hire. Consequentially, it has become as important to hire the right people as not to hire the wrong ones. But how do you separate a good hire from a bad one? Well, one way is to be proactive and look for certain personality traits right at the time of recruiting a new employee. In this competitive age, it’s not just skills but also attitude and cultural fit that decide how valuable an employee is to an organization.


Smarten Up Your LinkedIn Profile – 9 Quick Ways

April 07, 2014 Dynamic User

With professionals checking your updates and information multiple times in a day, it becomes imperative to keep your profile above 80% complete and leverage it to set the right impression on viewers. Here are a few tips to help you hone your LinkedIn profile.


How Volunteering Can Help You Get a Job?

March 31, 2014 Dynamic User

Ever thought of volunteering at your neighborhood church, giving a helping hand to the local NGO, making a contribution to the homeless shelter, or being a part of a fund-raiser? If you didn’t, here are a few good reasons why you should consider it. Not only does it build good karma, but can also add value to your job profile.



March 13, 2014 Dynamic User

The renowned Great Place to Work® Institute recently unveiled a list of Fortune 100 Best Places to Work For in 2014. Have you ever wondered “What makes a workplace truly great?” This is an intriguing question for both employees and employers. We tried to identify some elements that are common to the best workplaces. Take a quick look!


Employee OR Independent Contractor: Know the Difference

March 02, 2014 Dynamic User

Is your worker a Contractor or an Employee?

You are not the only one having a hard time drawing a line between the two. As per Department of Labor, 3 in 10 employers misclassify their workers. The confusion arises primarily because the definitions are not clear-cut and vary from one tax jurisdiction to another. But if you do not classify it right, you might become liable to increased tax liability and heavy fine and penalties, and complex legal ramifications.


Top 8 Recruiting Trends for 2014

February 20, 2014 Dynamic User

The human capital industry is going through an immense transformation. Innovations are being introduced at an unprecedented pace dismantling the old formulas. It’s an exciting time for the recruitment industry. Here are some trends and predictions expected to drive the industry in the year 2014.


Is EQ More Important than IQ at Workplace?

February 11, 2014 Dynamic User

John, a software engineer, was considered as one of the most employable professionals at his workplace. Many of his co-workers used to call him the next big thing. Owing to his consistent performance, he was promoted to a managerial position very recently. Just a week after the promotion, he got into a minor argument with one of the subordinates over an error in the final report. But no one expected what happened next. He lost his cool (when he could have controlled it) and sent an emotionally charged and rather offensive email, copying the entire team, including the senior managers. He did not apologize for his actions and received a demotion.


Oops – You made a workplace mistake!  Here’s how you should tackle it!

February 04, 2014 Dynamic User

Jackie was gossiping online with her colleague about her boss. To her amazement, she mistakenly copied her boss in the recipient list, courtesy auto-fill function. Big or small, we all make mistakes. Making a mistake at work doesn’t mean you should throw yourself into a tail spin of embarrassment and self-blaming. After all, to err is human – yes at the moment you look well…. Not so great. No matter what mistake did you make and how bad you think it is, there are things you can do to make it a little less painful. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when you make an embarrassing workplace mistake.