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In Search of the Purple Squirrel

June 06, 2015 Dynamic User

The so-called purple squirrel is the candidate of your dreams.  If you have found a candidate that possesses each and every quality you could ask for, then you have found yourself the perfect Purple Squirrel candidate!
So what has led to the idea that the purple squirrel exists?  Why have companies held out for the elusive purple squirrel?  Team Dynamic will share a few reasons.


The Halo Effect: Interviewing Under the Influence

May 15, 2015 Dynamic User

Have you ever walked into an interview and immediately thought, ‘Yes, she’s the one!’ or ‘Yes, this is the company for me!’?  Some people call this instinct or ‘just knowing’, that feeling of meeting someone that reflects your values and attitudes.  It might be that you can see how they could immediately add value to your company, or that if you work together you’ll get on famously.


First Quarter Trends in the Workforce:  How Does Your             Company Compare?

April 20, 2015 Dynamic User

With the first quarter of the year just behind us, Dynamic Office and Accounting Solutions looks to the hiring trends predicted at the beginning of the year by notable experts with the hopes of helping our clients secure solid employees and our candidates acquire great employment opportunities .


Countering the Loss in Company Revenue Due to March Madness

March 13, 2015 Dynamic User

March Madness can be very costly, and not just what you lose in your office pool.

All the bracket-making and bracket-busting, not to mention game-viewing, of roughly 60 million of us will likely cost employers roughly $1.9 billion in lost productivity this year, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

And that may be on the low side.


How Passion Drives Me to Do What I Love

March 04, 2015 Dynamic User

“If you break it down, leading with love calls for heightened consciousness… It’s about listening, but even more importantly, it’s about actually hearing what is being said. It’s about making time to listen, and space to process what you’ve heard. When you are conscious and present for the other human being a different conversation transpires. It’s one of trust. From trust, grows a community and with a trusting community, you gain a culture.”


Great News For Job Seekers!

February 19, 2015 Dynamic User

Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder commented, “There is a growing disconnect between the skills employers need and the skills that are being cultivated in the labor market today. This causes workers and companies to miss out on realizing their full potential and, in turn, causes the economy to fall short of its potential. The onus is on businesses and the public sector to work side by side to identify where there is a deficit of talent and re-skill workers to close the gaps within their communities. This is not a problem that can be solved overnight, but it can be solved.”


Happy Relationship Week!

February 09, 2015 Dynamic User

It is that time of year where some say love & romance is in the air!
While we all would like perfect love, romance, & relationships in our lives…….. Relationships are not one size fits all or popped out of a cookie cutter! Relationships,  business or personal, are all unique and take time to build.


Pay Your Dues, or Pay the Piper

February 06, 2015 Dynamic User

Young adults are earning college degrees at a record rates, which means the chances of getting your dream job right after college is slim to none. This is why it is so important for young graduates to understand, you have to start somewhere!
Although some Universities have 90% or higher job placement rates, studies done by job placement firm Adecco show 60% of young college grads cannot find work in their field. While Economic Policy Institute showed in 2014, young college graduates had an unemployment rate of 8.5% and an underemployment rate of 16.8%.


7 Staffing Trends to Look Out for in 2015

January 20, 2015 Dynamic User

‘Staffing Trends 2015 Infographic’ outlines the key trends and happenings that are expected to drive the staffing industry in 2015. The infographic cites the most recent statistics on staffing and recruitment, delineating how mobile recruitment, big data and ATS integration are impacting the best practices. Further, the infographic discusses the rise of temporary staffing in the U.S. job market. The infographic consists of deep insights, helping businesses and HR professionals to be on the cutting edge of their industry.


We are once again part of Bay Area’s Top 100 Women Owned Businesses

October 06, 2014 Dynamic User

Dynamic’s team of people—hands down! Our unwavering ability to take on challenges that others say are simply too difficult is something we’ve always done successfully.